About Open Meditation in Camden

Trinity United Reformed Church provides a non denominational home to a wide range of church and community groups.


The Thursday meditation group has been established at Trinity for several years, different people have been involved at different times but the core has always been twenty minutes silence.


Newcomers are warmly welcomed. Each week a leader will open meditation with a few words of instruction and close it with a reading from sacred or secular sources and a brief space for questions. We come from different backgrounds, so we invite each individual in the group to take what is helpful to them from what is said and freely discard anything they do not find helpful. We believe the twenty minutes’ silence together is what counts.


After meditation, there is the offer of tea, coffee and chat. We will be happy to talk with you about your experience of meditation, if you should wish it.

St Cyrus Beach, Scotland - miles of tranquil sandy beach
St Cyrus Beach, Scotland, June 2008, Lorraine Williams

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