Downloads and other stuff

You can download an information sheet or poster to help promote the group, or an audio introduction to help you meditate at home, here.


Let us know if you would like to be sent updated posters from time to time, we intend to do updated versions with fresh images periodically and can send them to you, if you would like to display them somewhere people who may be interested could see them.


If you work in Camden perhaps you could put a poster up on a noticeboard.


Audio introduction for meditating at home
We always have a short introduction at the meditation group in Camden, which includes some guidance for people who may be new to meditating. We have recorded a version of this that you may find useful if you want to meditate at home. Let us know what you think. It's about six minutes long and finishes with a lovely gong sound to start you off.
audio intro.wma.wmv
Windows Media video format 4.8 MB
Information Sheets
About the group and how to meditate.
silent meditation info sheet V2.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 245.4 KB
This poster was updated April 2012 and features beautiful magnolia blooms from Cambridge Botanical Gardens
Silent Meditation poster v3.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 188.9 KB

Other good stuff:

Camden Lock on a slow rainy day, L Williams, 2011
Camden Lock on a slow rainy day, L Williams, 2011

News from Slow Down London


Slow Down London was created to bring the intellectual ideas behind the Slow Philosophy together with practical ways to implement these ideas in our every day life. Click here to view and subscribe to their wonderful regular newsletter packed full of news, ideas and opportunities for ways you can slow right down and feel the benefits.

Trinity Reformed Church
Trinity Reformed Church

Trinity United Reformed Church, in the heart of vibrant Camden Town, has kindly supported the open meditation group for many years. You can visit the church's website to find out more about what else goes on there.

flowers in Regents Park, L Williams 2010
flowers in Regents Park, L Williams 2010

St Michael's Church Gardening Project.


If you love flowers St Michael's Church Gardening Project always need volunteers. St Michael's is the church next door to Sainsbury's, it's not the one the meditation group is in (which is behind Sainsbury's on Buck Street, see below), it's literally right next door to the supermarket.


You can just turn up at the church any Wednesday 2pm - 4pm and they will be thrilled to see you, even if your gardening knowledge is minimal. Why not go along and help them out one Wednesday? You will surely enjoy it.

Inner Space, Covent Garden
Inner Space, Covent Garden

The Inner Space centre in Covent Garden has a shop selling lots of books etc about meditation, runs frequent, free meditation workshops and has a meditation room downstairs that's also free to use during shop opening hours.  The room is very handy if you're in the area and want some refreshing stillness.

A yoga class at one of Alchemy's two beautiful studios
A yoga class at one of Alchemy's two beautiful studios

Alchemy the Centre in Stables Market - a great local yoga centre